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APCCA COVID-19 WEBINAR SERIES - Episode 4 - Understanding the Malaysia Regulatory & Business Framework arising from COVID-19
As part of the APCCA webinar series, the Malaysian Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) and the SCCA bring insights into the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia.

• Delivering the message that where there is Hope, there is Life

• Gauging the response from general counsel and corporations on the urgency and importance of a Covid-19 Bill

• Discussing what a Covid-19 Bill should contain and address

• Understanding the practical issues in respect of contractual and debt restructuring matters

• Highlighting the various tax concerns arising from corporate and debt restructuring

• Sharing the strategies to address the practical and tax concerns that general counsel may face as result of the business reorganization that takes place after the MCO

• MCCA President welcomes the participants. In a nutshell, it is not all gloomy about Covid-19 as it has the best amongst Malaysia- togetherness in fighting the pandemic. The speakers today themselves were COVID-19 patients. Yet, they and us have persevered and adapting to the new norm, which is to work from home.

• The panel will discuss areas which are important for businesses post MCO, namely:
(i) There has been a calling for an urgent enactment of a Covid-19 Act in Malaysia.
(ii) Addressing the effect of a Covid-19 Bill on Force Majeure and Corporate & Debt Restructuring
(iii) Tax concerns arising from MCO and Corporate & Debt restructuring
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