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Teacher: Advanced Course Customization & Accommodation Training (Buzz LMS)
This session is designed for teachers who have already attended or viewed the Basic Curriculum and Platform Training (Buzz LMS) Part 1 and are familiar with Buzz LMS.
An on-demand version is also available on the Training Support website and no registration is necessary to view the on-demand version.

Advanced Teacher Training Session Agenda:
Course Content Resequencing
Adding or Hiding Content
Modifying Settings
Adjusting Assessments
Modifications for Individuals or Small Groups
Providing Specific Remediation and Enrichment

All attendees should register individually. Please do not forward your calendar invite to other attendees. Be sure you are registering for the proper platform and session type.
Sessions are not program-specific, and attendance will be limited to 100 attendees unless requested ahead of time by the program administrator to allow for whole group attendance on the same day. Please be sure to register in advance. Please send any large group requests, questions, or cancelations to training@accelerate.education.
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