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12:12 Gateway with noraWalksinspirit.com
A GATEWAY of Communications is Arriving for all 7 Chakras of the Body to Advance, Accelerate and Begin to Integrate into a SOLAR Chakra System of “12” throughout 2022

This Sacred 12:12 Gateway is a Portal Window of Light Consciousness that is bathing and Activating all Grid Systems, Meridians, Lei Lines on this Planet. And yes, even bathing your own Meridians of Acupuncture, Axial Tonal and Chakra Systems within your 3D Body to be Amplified and Aligned and Attuned to these Telepathic Signals of High-Pitched Tones ringing into your Aura Fields preparing you to shed more of your past life Cellular Memories and to LISTEN to what is Alive, Awakened, Living within your LIGHT vibrational your Body, Mind and Soul Being.

Your minds are becoming Perceptive Minds, your Hearts are Integrating more Light Crystals of Light Consciousness and transmitting into your Base Chakras that are now spinning into heightened Realities of Incepting your Etheric Crystal Solar Chakras of the Beyond Intelligences
And you are all more than ready to step UP to these Telepathic Signals that you are hearing and now receiving within your 5D Hearts and Minds and to align out of dormancy into the Reality of ONENESS Consciousness that you Are a Divine Soul Light Being of Master Energies!
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