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Webinar: Five Reasons Your SalesTech Stack Isn’t Delivering and What to Do
Investment in SalesTech is at an all-time high with no signs of slowing: SBI’s latest research shows more than 1200 solutions available for purchase across 43 different categories. When SalesTech is performing, teams note quantifiable improvements in metrics like pipeline, close-rates, and forecast accuracy. When it isn’t, however, teams report low adoption rates, a disconnect between the intended business case and actual results, and disillusioned reps whose perception is that the tech doesn’t actually improve their selling experience.

Join Nancy Nardin and Martha Mathers of SBI as they cover SBI’s approach to monitoring the SalesTech landscape and helping companies identify stage-appropriate tools that will have a positive impact on key commercial outcomes.

Discussion topics include:

-An orientation to SBI’s Enterprise SalesTech Landscape and how to use it
-Brand new data providing clarity around the typical SalesTech stack today
-Insight into peer companies’ future-looking SalesTech roadmaps
-Detailed insight into top- and bottom-performing tools, adoption levels, and more


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