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Empowering BIPOC Students in a Time of Grief and Loss
At Good Grief, we understand that COVID-19 is presenting educators with many challenges including working remotely, juggling work and family life, supporting the educational and emotional needs of students, and experiencing grief and loss.

In response, we are providing the education community with support and resources for personal and professional growth.

In this webinar, Kimme Carlos will share strategies for supporting BIPOC students in this time of grief and loss. Recognizing that grief may look and feel different for BIPOC students and their families, we will explore the different types of loss in urban and marginalized communities and discuss ways to empower students and communities with healing and recovery tools.

The webinar series will be hosted by Jesse Bassett, Good Grief’s Director of Education. All teachers, counselors, social workers, administrators, and other faculty within the K-12 setting are invited to attend. Please share with your colleagues and friends, and sign up today!
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