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Let's Move with Josefin Wikström
LET'S MOVE combines movement sequences and therapeutic yoga, building up towards internal awareness practices and a mindfulness-based relaxation at the end of the eight weeks. The practices in the program are following our natural instincts for releasing stress; shaking things off, taking a deep breath and connecting both feet firmly on the ground.

Humans have always moved and synchronized with each other in rhythm, movement and dance to connect, empower, release and heal.

Josefin Wikström from the Prison Yoga Project will guide the weekly classes with beneficial practices that have been co- developed with the women prisoners at the high security prison Hinseberg in Sweden. Josefin has been specializing in creating movement-based programs for traumatic stress in confined environments such as prisons, isolation units, forensic psychiatry and juvenile justice institutions since 2008.

Week 1.
Release & Attune

Week 2.
"Both feet firmly on the ground”

Week 3
Space and boundaries

Week 4

Week 5
"Shake things off"- The Bollywood keeps the score

Week 6
"Take a deep breath”

Week 7
"Freeing the prisoner inside”

Week 8
"Return to center”
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