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Putting a price on carbon: from offsets to true value
Carbon offsetting is the idea of ‘balancing’ or ‘compensating’ the carbon emissions from a given activity by paying into a scheme or project that reduces emissions elsewhere. This is done by either removing the same amount of carbon from the atmosphere, or avoiding an equal amount of carbon emitted in the future.

However, considering how to price our damage, and where and how to invest, opens up important questions about the nature of our work and its environmental and social costs and benefits. With the consequences of a changing climate disproportionately landing on the people least responsible, this is an ethical issue and we must not default to simply ‘buying our way out’ of responsibility.

This webinar by Julie’s Bicycle is here to help! We will investigate carbon offsets, what they are - and the different models. We will present case studies, good practices, and the key considerations when developing a strategy so that your approach works for your organisation and community.

Nov 26, 2020 10:00 AM in London

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