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Predicting real-world performance of high strain rate applications with Corvid Velodyne and Coreform Cubit
Modeling complex real world phenomena such as high strain rate events requires a complete modeling solution that can produce a quality mesh and a Hydro-Structural Solver that solves the physics naturally occurring in these problem sets. In this Webinar, Greg Klouse from Corvid will introduce how to utilize Coreform Cubit and Velodyne to go from CAD to a predictive solution that can correlate with test.

Coreform Cubit is used by a number of solvers for simulation model preprocessing and meshing, and Coreform supports these partners by promoting their solutions to the broader Coreform community. In this webinar, we introduce the hydro-structural solver Velodyne. Velodyne and Cubit have been used together for over a decade to solve challenging engineering problems in the US Government; this combination is now available for broader commercial use.

Velodyne enables engineers to model the most challenging physics problems where understanding damage, failure, and fluid structural interaction exceed the capabilities of other FEA codes. Examples of application areas where Velodyne excels are penetration, blast & explosion, armor / protection systems, vehicle intercept, debris modeling, high speed impact, crew survivability, fracking, medical modeling, and other large material deformation events.


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