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Strategies for Strengthening your Brand’s Resilience Amidst Chaos (Free Webinar)
Note: This webinar discussion has been adapted in light of the civil unrest occurring across the US right now.

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. From figuring out the complexities involved with thriving in the ‘new normal’ that COVID-19 has brought forth, to civil unrest, to managing through severe weather season… the list is long and leaves an overwhelm of unanswered questions.

Having a crisis resilient organization means having a business that has the capability, the flexibility and the adaptability to rise amidst chaos, successfully lead and foster growth.

This Thursday, join 5 leading crisis experts as we explore and address some of the big perplexing questions, and help to provide you with answers and a clear path forward. Some of these questions include:

- What does the ‘new normal’ look like and how can you leverage and gain from strategic foresight in a time where no one has all the answers?
- What are the key considerations that need to be a part of your decision-making matrix?
- How do you effectively communicate with internal and external stakeholders to both reassure and strengthen trust?
- What’s the best way to respond to highly emotional and controversial situations—and when should your brand even consider taking a stance?
- What are the common pitfalls to avoid—and how to go about successfully mitigating them?
- How do you move forward and adapt to this new environment in a way that strengthens your overall brand resilience?
- The complexity curve around the ‘new normal’ is accelerating with so many layers that all need

The five leading experts who will be guiding this discussion:

- Aaron Marks, Senior Principal, Dynamis Inc.
- Ashley Davis, VP of Community Engagement, PunchAlert
- Chris Hsiung, Deputy Police Chief, Mountain View PD
- Erick Anez, Global Head of Business Resilience, Finastra
- Melissa Agnes, Founder and CEO, Crisis Ready Institute

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