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COVID-19: the perspectives of Clinical Engineers across Europe
The webinar will present the experiences of Clinical Engineers across different European countries facing the emergency of the Covid-19 outbreak. Italy was the first European country heavily involved in this emergency, and the other countries followed soon, sharing the same type of difficulties and challenges: shortage of medical equipment, need to setup new intensive care units, coordination with the other healthcare professionals and institutions, etc. During the webinar these topics will be discussed by Clinical Engineers from the national associations of Italy (AIIC), France (AFIB), Spain (SEEIC), Germany (FBMT) and UK (IPEM) who will share their perspectives, challenges, lessons learned and future directions. A topic for discussion will also be the strong collaboration of the technical and scientific community across Europe, that emerged as a positive sign in this difficult global emergency.

Umberto Nocco - AIIC, Italy
Christophe Parret - AFIB, France
Raquel Canovas Paradell - SEEIC, Spain
Frank Rothe - FBMT, Germany
Emmanuel Akinluyi - IPEM, United Kingdom

Introduction: Lorenzo Leogrande - President of AIIC
Moderators: Stefano Bergamasco - AIIC, Walter Gatti - Journalist


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