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MIMTT2020: 2nd EU-China Health Summit - Opening Session
08:00 Welcome
- Welcome speech, Vice President Ji Xunming of Capital Medical University
- Dedication to Ragnar Nordberg (1936-2020), Lars Lindsköld
08:30 Brussels/14:30 Beijing Opening Keynote - Evaluating EHR Adoption across China's Hospitals, Professor Haiyi Liu, Tsinghua University
09-00 Brussels/ 15:00 Beijing: S1-Mobile health assessment and contact tracing apps/ Digital Health Technology in Emergency Medicine
Co-chairs: Luis Garcia-Castrillo Riesgo, Past Chair European Society of Emergency Medicine (Europe), Prof Wei Jie, Director of Teaching and Research, Renmin Hospital of Wuhan university (China)
• Co-management of COVID-19 in the NHS Scotland, Chaloner Chute, CTO, Digital Health and Care Institute, NHS Scotland, UK (Europe)
• The trial of smart medicine in emergency department during COVID-19, Prof Wei Jie, Renmin Hospital of Wuhan university, (China)
• Role of Emergency medical Systems in Syndromic Surveillance, Prof Luis Garcia-Castrillo Riesgo, Past Chair EUSEM (Europe)
• Construction of an intelligent multi-point trigger and early warning system for emerging and unexpected infectious diseases based on big data of emergency medicine, Professor Chuanzhu Lyu, Chairman of Chinese Society of Emergency Medicine, (China)
• Errors in medicine: Technology as support for the doctor of the future? Prof Thomas Sauter, University of Bern, Switzerland (Europe)
• COVID-19 Intelligent Prevention and Control System, Bin Yang, Tsinghua University (China)
• Pandemic Preparedness: AI-driven Syndromic Surveillance of ILI using EMS data: A research proposal, Thomas Krafft, Eva Pilot, Simone Doreleijers, Maastricht University, Jonas Hansen, Lu Chen, Corti, Helle Collatz Christensen, Mette Wenøe, Copenhagen Emergency Medical Services, Liselotte vanAsten, Institute of Public Health NL, Quanyi Wang, Beijing CDC, Professor Dr Yang Lin Sheng, CAS
• Patient representation from structured Electronic Medical Records based on Skip-gram algorithm, Huang Yanqun, CCMU (CN)


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