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VAR- Wed 6/29/22 from 6-7pm CT Releasing micro-hurts
VAR- Wed 6/29/22 from 6-7pm CT Releasing micro-hurts

In my debut book, Receiving From Your Angels: Four Practices to Heal Your Pain with Angel Love, the angels teach that your heart is the gateway to your angel's love. Your heart is an alchemical space of unconditional love that can transform any pain into peace.

When your heart is filled with hurt, it creates a barrier to receiving your angels’ love. The angels liken the hurt in your heart to a small pebble and each time you get hurt, it creates a tiny pebble that the angels call micro-hurts. Micro-hurts, if left unattended can turn into a mountain of hurt, further slowing the flow of your angels’ love.

Although releasing the micro-hurts can feel challenging or scary, the angels provide 3 safety nets of releasing.
Cushions of comfort
Release only when ready
No rushing

In this one hour group angel healing, you will relax in the comfort of your own home and receive Angel reiki and IET to release all the micro-hurts and heart pain so you can open your heart wider.

Fear of letting go of micro-hurts
Hurt, disappointment and rejection
Fear of fully opening your heart

Unconditional compassion for your hurt parts
Heart chakra attunement so you can carry more angelic love
Your next level of unconditional love and pain relief

This class is open to the first 11 students and each student who registers will receive a personal angel reading.

Jill Kempner served as a massage therapist and yoga teacher for 20 years before evolving into an Angel Professional. As an Angel Professional, Jill helps her coaching clients heal physical pain by receiving angel love. Jill is the author of her debut book, Receiving from Your Angels: Four Practices to Heal your Pain with Angel Love.

Date: Wed 6/22/22
Time 6-7pm CT
Investment: $44, includes replay
Location: Zoom

Jun 29, 2022 06:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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