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Lenovo Brings Loyalty to the PC Industry | Virtual Loyalty360 Expo Session
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One of Lenovo’s biggest challenges in earning customer loyalty will be familiar to those who sell vehicles, mattresses, and other products with a longer purchase cycle: consumers purchase computers infrequently. While this wasn’t a surprise to the Lenovo team, a change was needed to not only keep customers engaged, but also give customers a reason to come back.

The solution? The creation of MyLenovo Rewards launched in September 2019. While the program rewards customers for computer and accessory purchases, it also rewards customers for posting product reviews, referring friends and family, and more.

Join Lenovo’s Carlo Savino as he shares Lenovo’s journey from the initial concept to Lenovo’s loyalty program launch and beyond, including the successes and challenges along the way that anyone who has launched or is looking to launch a customer loyalty strategy can learn from.

Key Takeaways:
- Keeping customers engaged post-purchase and increase repeat business
- Creating a program from the ground up on a shoestring budget
- Expanding a program beyond transactional rewards to better engage customers and build loyalty


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