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An introduction to soil health in potato cropping systems from the USDA-SCRI Potato Soil Health Project
The USDA-Specialty Crop Research Initiative Potato Soil Health Project was formed in 2018 to help the potato industry explore what soil health means in potato cropping systems. Four objectives were defined with the first two consisting of research projects exploring management practices and the resulting effects on soil measurements, indicators, microbiome communities and soil-borne pathogens. The third objective aims to explore the economics of potato production and how improved soil health effects the grower’s bottom line. The final objective is to communicate to the potato industry what soil health means and extend research-based results from the objectives to the larger agricultural community.

The Potato Soil Health Project is presenting a webinar to introduce three distinct aspects of the program including:
1) potato production and soil health
2) disease suppression in potato production systems
3) complexities of potato production economics.

University faculty and staff working directing on Potato Soil Health program will present these topics and discuss current soil health outcomes. Each section will have one to two speakers introducing their expertise and then speakers will be available for a panel discussion at the end to educate members of the potato industry. This webinar will help promote and encourage the conversations about improving soil health in potato cropping systems. Zeke Jennings, managing editor of Spudman magazine, will moderate the webinar.

Kate Binzen Fuller
Associate Professor & Extension Specialist
Montana State University

Matt Ruark
Professor of Soil Science
University of Wisconsin

Linda Kinkel
Professor of Plant Pathology
University of Minnesota

Alex Maas
Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics
University of Idaho

This webinar is sponsored by the Potato Soil Health Project and USDA-NIFA-SCRI.


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