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Breaking the deadlock: Designing a hybrid plan for the whole firm
How firms can leverage wildly different expectations to grow and retain partners and employees in a competitive talent market.

The Age recently (18 September) reported that more than one in three Australians would quit if they couldn’t work from home. This is the latest in a long stream of data and research that shows a strong and clear demand for hybrid and flexible work.

While hybrid hasn’t shifted work, it may have shifted attitudes towards work.

From our conversations with firms, we believe there are clear opportunities for progressive firms. Getting it wrong risks losing talent and productivity (#QuietQuitting).

In this free Performance Leader webinar, together with our partners WTW and SW Accountants, we'll dive into the data and practices, and help you answer:
> What is special about hybrid working in a professional services firm?
> How do we afford flexibility while developing people, building a collaborative culture and delivering a consistent client experience?
> Should you be mandating policy or letting teams decide?

Find out more: https://www.performanceleader.com/resources/breaking-the-deadlock-designing-a-hybrid-plan-for-the-whole-firm


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Logan Balavijendran
Head of CX @Performance Leader
Lesley Brown
Senior Director Employee Experience @WTW
David Meagher
Head of People and Culture / Consultant @SW Accountants / DPM Consulting