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Storytelling Boot Camp for Expert Witnesses
The Truth, The Whole Truth—Storytelling and Persuasion

This program has been created and is presented by Jesse Wilson, jury trial consultant and communications specialist, and Michael Kaplan, forensic expert and educator.

As every trial lawyer knows, the best story wins. Stories are the ultimate tools of persuasion. They are the emotional glue that connects you, the expert witness, to the jury. You may be the most skilled, the most educated and the most respected expert in your discipline, but in the courtroom, this is not enough. To be persuasive you need to frame your direct testimony into a compelling narrative, so that jurors don’t just listen…they care…and they embrace your opinions.

Expert witnesses, however, may not recognize that they have a story to tell. They are typically very factual, speak tech talk, and deliver testimony without much flavor. The result is that the jurors will be confused, and the experts will cancel each other out.
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