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Understanding Anxiety and Stress in Autistic Children (Webinar)
For Autistic individuals, the unpredictable and challenging world in which we live can be a constant source of stress and anxiety. Research suggests there is a higher incidence of Anxiety Disorders in Autistic individuals than in the general population and the underlying causes of anxiety can be different to those identified in Neurotypical presentations. In addition to this, Autistic individuals have been found to be particularly sensitive to stressors in their environment which can cause significant distress. Consequently, many Autistic children and adolescents are severely impacted by their experience of anxiety and stress on a daily basis.

This seminar will provide an explanation of the similarities and differences between anxiety and stress and why they appear to be common in Autistic children and adolescents, highlight signs which may indicate high levels of anxiety and stress in an individual, and equip parents and educators to help Autistic children and adolescents reduce their levels of stress and anxiety and manage more effectively at school and at home.

Suitable for Parents, Educators and Support Staff.

Presented by Educational & Developmental Psychologist, Raelene Dundon.

A recording will be available for ticket holders after the event.


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