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OpenIAM: Identity and Access Governance in a hybrid environment
Webinar will cover the following:

1) Challenges facing organizations with hybrid environments
Security departments within organizations are increasingly being tasked to manage identity in systems which are both on premise and in the cloud. In this period of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations also need to manage a larger remote workforce and increased turn over resulting from economic changes.

2) OpenIAM Solution overview
Overview of the functionality found in the OpenIAM Identity Governance platform and how it can be used address these challenges.

3) Case study
Discussion about how an organization that is running OpenIAM in the cloud is:
* Managing both their cloud and on-premise systems
* Enabling faster response time to their business community using the OpenIAM Service catalog and request/approval functionality
* Complying with audit requirements in fraction of the time that it took them previously

4) Live Product Demo of the OpenIAM Identity Governance solution
Demo will cover the following:
* Integration with cloud and on-premise systems
* Automated provisioning and de-provisioning
* Integration with a source system
* Business roles
* Request / approval workflows
* Access certification
* Operational tools and monitoring


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