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Avoiding the Most Common PCB Failure Modes by Insulectro
With this presentation, attendees will learn solutions to help avoid the most common failure points in today’s circuits. Bad data creates manufacturing failure points. Working with your supply chain learning from them how good data will process better. Learn where these failure points come from and what you can do to prevent them from occurring. This results in a board with high reliability and producibility, this approach is the key to product success.

Design For:
• DFSolvability
• DFPerformance
• DFManufacturability

Today’s dense, high-speed circuits have competing requirements and all these perspectives must be considered as they play a part of the design, manufacturing, and performance of our end products. Failure can come in the following forms.
• Not meeting aggressive product schedules
• Technical performance, (SI) signal integrity and EMC concerns
• Low manufacturing reliability and producibility which equates to cost drivers
• This presentation will look at design, fabrication and assembly

Attendees will receive an understanding of how to implement pro-active solutions rather than re-active responses. The best way to beat a failure point is to preclude it.


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