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Crime Convergence: Intelligent Approaches to Organised Crime
Over the past two decades, wildlife crime has become a form of transnational organised crime, generating billions of dollars annually and affecting almost every country. As wildlife crime has increased in seriousness and profitability as a crime type, so too have reports of its convergence with other forms of organised crime.

To further the understanding of the concept, the Wildlife Justice Commission published a new report on Crime Convergence. This report sets out 12 case studies that illustrate a range of converging crime types and typologies that have transpired in different regions of the world to increase the understanding of how these intersections can occur on the ground.

Wildlife crime is the soft underbelly of organised crime and as such presents important investigative opportunities. Further study and integration of this concept as part of the approach to tackling wildlife crime and organised crime more broadly, can help to identify more strategic policy and law enforcement responses to address it.

The WJC invited practitioners and experts to debate its findings and the final recommendations formulated in this report.

Join us at this high-level webinar on 17 June 2021.
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