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AUTONEUM: Cabin Thermal Management For BEVs: Where Comfort Meets Energy Saving And Sustainability


Apr 15, 2021 02:47 PM

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Philippe Godano
Global Product Manager Interior & Product Marketing Manager @Autoneum
Global Product Manager Interior & Head of Product Marketing, Autoneum, Winterthur (Switzerland) Philippe Godano occupies two positions within the Strategic Development department at Autoneum. As Global Product Manager Interior, Philippe is responsible for the definition of the strategy related to the portfolio of interior products and technologies through their complete life cycle, which ranges from the identification of customer needs to the development of innovations and their respective market launch as well as global deployment until their phasing out. In his role as Head of Product Marketing, Philippe is in charge of the promotion of Autoneum products and technologies based on digital media and he also oversees dedicated customer events. During his 22-year-long career at Autoneum and its predecessor Rieter Automotive, he has been working on the optimization of automotive NVH packages, vehicle benchmarking, intellectual property rights, product and technology development.
Davide Caprioli
Head of Acoustic and Thermal Management @Autoneum
Head of Acoustics and Thermal Management, Autoneum Research and Technology, Winterthur (Switzerland) As Head of Acoustics and Thermal Management in the Research and Technology department at Autoneum in Winterthur, Switzerland, Davide is in charge of the functional assessment and validation of any innovation of the Autoneum product portfolio. During his 20 years with Autoneum and its predecessor Rieter Automotive, he has been able to gather relevant experience in both testing and simulation methods necessary for the product engineering of parts against vehicle level performance requirements comprising NVH, mechanical, thermal, and aerodynamic. Davide holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florence. He started his career as an NVH simulation engineer at Rieter Automotive and has since worked in different roles within the Autoneum Research & Technology department.