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Unlocking the Potential of Probiotics in Livestock Production
Continuous development of feed supplements such as probiotics, creates a huge impact in the animal industry in terms of the overall health status of livestock and in production improvement.

However, efficiency of farm production show sub-standard results despite the best management practices supplied.

In this regard, this webinar will cover the following:

1.Correlation of gut-health and intestinal microbiota; 2.Importance of next-generation probiotics in increasing pathogen protection;
3.AGP replacement transition with probiotic;
4.Nutritional strategies of using probiotics for optimised farm production;
5.Factors to consider when choosing the right probiotic;
6.Current research on probiotic.

Join us as we unlock probiotics potential in the country!

TIME: June 29, 2021 09:30 - 11:00 AM in the Philippines

Jun 29, 2021 09:30 AM in Hong Kong SAR

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Dana Stanley, PhD
Associate Professor @Central Queensland University
Associate Professor Dana Stanley was awarded a PhD in Molecular Microbiology from Victoria University, Melbourne, in 2009. She held a postdoctoral position in CSIRO’s Australian Animal Health Laboratories (AAHL), one of the world’s most sophisticated animal research laboratories, where she researched poultry intestinal health, specifically gut microbiota and genetics. Currently, A.Prof. Stanley is a leader of the Microbial Genomics research cluster at Central Queensland University, Australia, focusing on probiotics, phytogens and next-generation antibiotic development for pathogen control. Dana is also investigating antimicrobial resistance and it’s prevention and control on farms. She is working in collaboration with the world’s leading companies on research projects aiming to improve intestinal health of both agricultural animals and humans.
Miriam Tempra, PhD
Animal Nutritionist @Bright Side Consulting
Dr. Miriam Alberto -Tempra has been serving the animal feed industry for the past 23 years as an Animal Nutritionist. She finished her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Animal Science major in Animal Nutrition from the University of the Philippines Los Banos in 2010. She worked for a commercial feedmill in Batangas from 1997-2001. After which, she joined a local company distributing for reputable feed additive suppliers from USA, Europe and Australia. Being the technical manager of the company from mid-2001 to early 2021, she was able to develop and manage nutritional and health products for swine and poultry as well as provided technical services to farms and feedmills in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
Jacoba Madigan-Stretton
Animal Nutritionist @Bioproton Pty Ltd
Jacoba Madigan-Stretton is an animal nutritionist who has been with Bioproton for 3 years. The completed her Bachelor of Science Majoring in Animal and Veterinary Bioscience with first class Honours’ from The University of Queensland. Since then, she has been involved in research and development for Bioproton conducting a wide variety of animal nutrition trials, including poultry, swine, equine, companion animal, and aquaculture. She is particularly passionate about improving animal health and welfare whilst simultaneously aiding production performance.