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Nordic Talks: Pedalling Health - Healthy and sustainable cities in Denmark and Australia
Enabling more people to cycle and walk as an everyday means of transportation is vital to reducing emissions and improving public health.
In Denmark, the bicycle has been recognised as a fast, efficient, and sustainable mode of transportation for decades, and the key to more liveable cities and happy, healthy people – supported by a network of safe cycling infrastructure and a positive cycle culture.

This webinar, part of our special Nordic Talks webinar series, will explore how Australia could move closer to Danish cycle culture, to not only improve the health of the planet, but the people on it, with Dr Sandro Demaio, CEO of VicHealth and Marianne Weinreich, Chairman and co-founder of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark.

Mar 1, 2023 06:00 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Marianne Weinreich
Market Manage, Ramboll Smart Mobility @Chair, Cycling Embassy of Denmark
Marianne Weinreich holds a Master in Scandinavian literature and language and World History, but for more than 20 years she has advised cities about sustainable mobility policy and promotion and mobility management. She’s an expert in cycling policy and promotion. The last 5 years she been Market Manager in Ramboll’s Smart Mobility division where she besides working with clients is leading the thought leadership program. As part of that she was lead author of the report “Gender and (smart) mobility” published March 2021 and “Walking and cycling data – practice, challenges, needs and gaps” from Dec 2022. She is also co-founder and Chair of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark and an experienced speaker at and moderator of cycling and mobility webinars and conferences around the World.
Dr Sandro Demaio
Chief Executive Officer @VicHealth
Dr Sandro Demaio is a globally-renowned public health expert and advocate as well as being a medical doctor – and he has a passion for food, health and wellbeing. Sandro’s extensive background includes being the Medical Officer for non-communicable conditions and nutrition with the Department of Nutrition for Health and Development at the World Health Organization, as well as being the CEO of the EAT Foundation, the science-based, global platform for food systems transformation. In his pro bono work, Sandro co-founded NCDFREE, a global social movement against chronic disease. Sandro has published 30 scientific papers and more than 90 articles, he also co-hosted the ABC television show Ask the Doctor. He holds a Master of Public Health, a PhD in non-communicable diseases and has held fellowships at both Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.
Ebony Bennett
Deputy Director @The Australia Institute
Ebony Bennett is deputy director of the Australia Institute and host of its popular webinar series and Follow the Money podcast. Beginning her career as a journalist in the Canberra press gallery for the Sydney Morning Herald and Australian Financial Review, Ebony has worked in federal politics in a variety of roles for almost 20 years and has published research on climate change and energy, gender and street harassment and contributed a chapter to Morrison’s Miracle: The 2019 Australian Federal Election (ANU Press 2020) and The Nordic Edge: Policy Possibilities for Australia (MUP 2021). Ebony is a regular commentator and contributor across broadcast and print media, she appears regularly as a commentator on ABC and Sky News and has a fortnightly column in The Canberra Times.