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The Pros and Cons of Open-Loop Payments – An Online Debate
A growing number of public transit authorities and operators around the world are enabling their customers to tap credit and debit cards to pay fares. And many in the industry are convinced that nearly all agencies will one day support open loop. But not everyone agrees that the costs and loss of control that open payments entail are worth it.

In the first event of its kind, APSCA and Mobility Payments have invited a panel of experts from among transit authorities and operators, technology suppliers and other industry players–some backing open-loop payments and some sceptical of the technology–to debate the key issues involved.

This is a must-attend event for all transit authorities, operators, ticketing schemes and private mobility providers considering launching open-loop payments. This wide-ranging debate will cover the issues and practicalities of rolling out open-loop payments in transit.

The online debate will run for 90 minutes and consist of: opening introductions; free-flowing discussions and Q&A with webinar participants, including the audience; conclusions with takeaways.

- Opening introductions (15 minutes)
- Free-flowing discussions and Q&A (60 minutes)
- Conclusions and takeaways (15 minutes)

This online debate will be considered a PowerPoint-free zone.

>> Registered participants for the online debate will be able to view a recording of the entire online debate for one month after the debate takes place (until 5 November).

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Kurt Brissett
Executive Director Connected Journeys @Transport for NSW
Brissett heads digital payments for Transport for New South Wales. He’s responsible for delivery accountability for the world’s largest electronic-ticketing system geographically, covering both closed and open loop. He led the roll out of Australia’s largest contactless-payments system and launched the world’s first fully integrated revenue protection app.
Jit Ng
Payments Industry Expert
Ng has nearly 30 years of experience in the payments industry, with particular expertise in payments processing. One of his current focuses is on finding innovative low-cost, high-value financial solutions for transit agencies to accept open-loop payments. Ng has held key positions with Visa Europe and, at present, Transport for London.
Mick Spiers
Independent Consultant
Mick Spiers is the CEO and Founder of The Leadership Project. He has spent 15 years in the Urban Mobility space with a vision to create a world where people can move freely around their cities, without delays, without congestion and ultimately without stress. He has held senior executive roles with Thales and Cubic leading global and regional technology businesses in urban mobility. In this online debate, Mick is an independent consultant who is passionate about seeing organisations collaborate to make a better world.
Ting Chen
Chairwoman @EasyCard
Chen leads EasyCard Corp., the dominant transit and micropayment service provider in a competitive Taiwanese market. She has guided the company in its digital transformation, integrating more than 20 million active stored-value cards and e-wallet accounts. The wallet ranks No. 3 in terms of number of users.
Nora Tang
General Manager, Technical Department and International Projects @Octopus Holdings
Tang is a 20-year veteran of Octopus Holdings in Hong Kong, parent of one of the world’s oldest and best-known closed-loop cards. Tang has helped spread Octopus technology globally, including in New Zealand, Dubai, the Netherlands and mainland China. The tech also can support open loop.
Paul Griffin
Global Head of Commercial @Littlepay
Griffin has 20 years experience building fintechs globally, specializing in commercializing tech and products. He’s served two stints with Littlepay, helping the SaaS-based PSP deploy its technology to 250 mostly small to midtier transit agencies in the UK, Finland, Portugal, Costa Rica and the USA.
Ralph Gambetta
International Relations and Business Development Manager @Calypso Networks Association
Since 2005, Gambetta has worked at the Calypso Networks Association, which manages the most-used closed-loop fare payments technology in Europe. Since 2014, he’s served as secretary general of the group. Gambetta also has played key roles in such industry organizations as the Smart Ticketing Alliance and UITP.