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Success Beyond School: Through the Magnifying Glass
Uncover Your Child's Future in Forensic Science

From the crime scene to the courtroom and beyond, careers in forensics are becoming increasingly popular amongst the next generation. As research into this area continues to grow, it is only set to become even more competitive. In this event, we’ll be looking at how this industry has expanded in recent years and the wealth of opportunities available for those with a passion for forensic science, law, psychology. We’ll take a closer look at the best routes into the justice system and what your child can be doing now to stand out from the crowd. Highlights include:

• The key skills required to pursue a career in forensics including ways to build, develop, and present these skills to universities and employers.
• The range of roles available and the steps your child can take to get there
• Top tips and takeaways from experts in the field

May 4, 2022 07:00 PM in London

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