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Angelbeat Energy December 14
Sustainable Energy Strategies, covering all these critically important elements listed below, is the focus of this Wednesday, December 14 webinar.

- Solar Energy, including photovoltaic cell efficiency, inverters and integration with Energy/Battery Storage and MicroGrid Architecture
- EV Charging Infrastructure, Compatibility with Tesla and non-Tesla connectors, Inegration with Accounting/Billing Systems
- MicroGrid Architecture, Sustainable Energy/Power Sourcing Separate From Public Grid

Scroll down for speakers and schedule; click on name and subject for more information. The program starts at 1 PM ET, 10 AM PT. Two (2) CPE credit hours are provided. There is a $100 gift card raffle at the end. It will be well worth a few hours out of your day.

1:00 ET (10:00 PT) Webinar Introduction/Overview, Angelbeat

1:05 Solar Energy Efficiency: Inverter and Photovoltaic Cell Innovations, SolarEdge

1:25 Storing Electricity in Metal: By "Metallizing Energy", e-Zinc Provides the Most Economic Form of Long-Duration Energy (Battery) Storage, plus Avoids Rare Earth Supply Chain Issues

1:45 Next-Generation Energy Project Design for Maximum Sustainability, Integrating Solar Energy, EV Charging, Batteries, MicroGrids, plus Financial Incentives/Rebates/Grants, OneSource

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Ron Gerber
CEO @Angelbeat
Brian Stevens
Commercial & Industrial Manager @SolarEdge
Corbin Davis
Director Energy @OneSource
Vikram Bhatia
Chief of Staff @e-Zinc