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Color Correction with DaVinci Resolve 16
This hands-on training uses the BMD official curriculum and takes you through a series of practical exercises.

Online class agenda:
Day One
Interface Review
Color page layout
Primaries wheels
Palette panel
Part 1 - Color Correcting a DaVinci Resolve Timeline
Balancing Footage
Opening a Resolve archive
Setting up project backups
Understanding the grading workflow
Setting tonal range and contrast
Balancing colors
Understanding Log controls and Primary Wheels
Creating Color Continuity
Building a shot-matching strategy
Organizing shots using flags and filters
Applying shot match
Matching shots using stills
Comparing and matching shots manually

Day Two
Correcting and Enhancing Isolated Areas
Controlling the viewer’s eye
Sharpening key elements
Tracking obscured objects
Fixing overcast skies
Warping colors to a target
Enhancing skin tones with Face Refinement
Adjusting skin tones manually
Part 2 - Managing Nodes and Grades
Conforming from an XML Timeline
Importing an XML timeline
Syncing an offline reference
Confirming a timeline
Associating HQ footage with a timeline for online workflows
Maximizing the Dynamic Range

Day Three
Mastering the Node Pipeline
Understanding node-based compositing
Understanding the importance of node order
Creating separate processing pipelines with a Parallel Mixer node
Visualizing mixer nodes
Compositing effects with the Layer Mixer node
Managing Grades Across Clips and Timelines
Copying grades from clips and stills
Working with local versions
Appending grades and nodes
Using shared nodes across multiple clips
Saving grades for other projects
Copying timeline grades using ColorTrace
Copying grades using the Timelines album

Day Four
Part 3 - Optimizing the Grading Workflow
Using Groups
Preparing media using scene cut detection
Creating a group
Applying base grades at pre-clip group level
Making clip-specific adjustments at the clip group
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