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Training & Development inside Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams has quickly become an essential business tool for millions of users and companies. By combining collaboration, meetings, and file sharing all in one app, business professionals can accomplish most of their daily activities all from inside Microsoft Teams.

Can training happen inside Teams too?

Join us in this informative webinar as Bigger Brains’ president Chip Reaves takes a look at the growing ecosystem of training and education tools available inside Microsoft Teams, including two new apps from Bigger Brains: BrainBot 1.9, and BB Teams Learning System.

In this webinar we will explore:

The benefits of bringing Training & Development into Microsoft Teams

How built-in tools such as PowerPoint, Stream, OneNote, Forms, and Meetings can be used for learning and development.

The growing ecosystem of Learning & Training apps in Teams, including Quizlet, Flipgrid, LMS365, EdCast, Go1, and Josh Bersin Academy

Two new Teams apps from Bigger Brains:

BrainBot 1.9, an updated version of the popular training reinforcement and assessment chatbot app from Bigger Brains

BB Teams Learning System, a new app from Bigger Brains for quick and easy access to on-demand training from inside Teams

Join us on August 19 at 11am EST for a look at how Learning & Development can work inside Microsoft Teams!


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