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Good Cyber Goes Beyond the Alarm System - Are You Prepared?
Network security is absolutely critical, but before you hook up the alarm you also need to better understand what you are trying to protect and proportionally weight your efforts towards those assets which are business critical and that give the company its competitive edge.

Getting this right is even more important in the current COVID environment, which has forced companies to adopt technology and enable new ways of working at speed without necessarily having all the right checks and balances in place. On the back of this, we have seen an increase in cyber-attacks, scams and phishing, which is putting pressure on the already stretched resources of many organisations.

So how can good cyber practices help combat and protect not only the individual but companies and more importantly the country. How can we use this global pandemic to get ahead of the curve and increase our protection?

Our experts will share insights, case studies and practical advice on why good cyber practice means not only securing the perimeter, but also understanding what you’re protecting, from who and how best to mitigate these risks.

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