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Fair and Good Communication
In a post-pandemic and digital age, Communication must necessarily have social purposes and it must certainly be “true”. True Communication is the one that, first of all, verifies the truthfulness of the news and spreads it clearly and reaches the latest (even in person) and those who do not have easy access or possibility.

Pope Francis “goes to the heart of communication, to the essence of what it means to communicate” and says: “Internet, if lived as a network of people and not just as a network of wires,” is a “gift from God”. The Pope does not fail to underline the pitfalls of the web, reiterating that “no matter how important technologies are, they can never replace humans. It is the journalists who have to go out on the streets, meet people, look for stories. This is up to the people, technologies can’t do it”.

“Communicating Hope”

After the global crisis we need to rethink about a human coexistence, in order to build a better future, and Communication plays a fundamental role. This Communication must be certified, must be secure information, aware about the risks of infodemics such as the excess of information that circulates, to insinuate doubts, which threaten rather than reconstruct the truth.

Communication in the digital age, therefore, is an interaction between man and technology where humanity is expressed in output and news and where the Education of Digitalization becomes necessary for the coexistence of both.
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