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July Complimentary Webinar: IoMT Risks Remediation: How Context-rich Assessments Rationalize Response Effectiveness, sponsored by Medigate
IoMT risk is constant and ever evolving as the threat landscape changes and our ecosystem of disparate systems continues to grow and intertwine. IoMT systems have numerous dependencies and factors that create not only inherent risk, but aggregated and cascading risk which can have significant impacts on how and what IoMT risks to remediate. The process behind risk remediation is to characterize the systems and contextualize the risks to understand what they mean to the organization faced with them before trying to remediate
them. Today, to properly remediate IoMT risks, healthcare organizations must understand the environment of the risks and learn how to prioritize by evaluating and ranking risks that are most credible.
Medigate’s Drew Ganther and Matt Dimino from First Health Advisory will host a conversation about the IoMT risk identification and remediation. Webinar attendees will be treated to an
open, candid discussion.


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