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Energy into Uncertainty Series - Supply Chain Innovation Strategies for 2032
In 2022, The Innovation Garage® celebrates ten years of delivering long-term value to our clients!

In this next upcoming 30 minute session, our focus will be all things supply chain. So, no matter where you are in the world, if you are a CEO, supply chain executive, or practitioner, this session is for you!

About the program:

Supply chain disruptions are here to stay. Those disruptions are by no means a short-term problem. As we look ahead to 2032, localizing your supply chain will prove to be an effective long-term success strategy for your organization.

In the session, Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring Initiative, and Jon Washington, Founder of The Innovation Garage®, will share three focus areas to explore in your supply chain.

These focus areas will help you craft compelling localization strategies to lead your teams, drive out uncertainty, and further execute impactful opportunities for your organization.

During the program, we will be covering:

1) Why it is essential to take a comprehensive big-picture and multi-year horizon perspective and use scenario planning to address shortages within your supply chain.

2) Why it is critical to reset lean thinking mindset and supply chain approaches within your organization.

3) How to convince your customers to reshore and buy from you.

We will discuss macro factors of why to localize, the concept of supply chain scenario planning, why you must take the long view, and how to begin innovating your way out of supply chain uncertainty.

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