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Effective Curricular Planning: Revisiting Today's Assumptions; Articulating Tomorrow's Expectations
Foundations courses required of students enrolling in art/design curricular programs enable students to develop fundamental skills and gain basic understandings, which are intended to support and serve as a foundation for future study in a student’s chosen discipline. Although foundations programs are or can be similar in nature, many are designed to align with departmental objectives and/or curricular intentionality. However, given the growing sophistication of art and design programs during the past several years, curricular planning has burgeoned in expectation and desired content, driven by a need to address the ever-expanding complexities of art and design disciplines, coupled with a desire to provide students with educational experiences sufficient in breadth and depth to support and advance their artistic endeavors. Although well-intended, it may be that results observed from the implementation of such changes are now prompting faculty to question whether current curricular and/or foundations experiences are truly relevant and useful. Attendees will take a step back, considering together the desired intentions and necessities of today’s programs of study and the roles curricular experiences play in the advancement of student expertise and consequently, the fields of art and design.

Subsequent to the sharing of their thoughts and ideas, panelists will entertain questions, opening a dialogue that is intended to advance the exploration of each of the three perspectives described above.

Presenters: Marie Bukowski, Kent State University
Chiong-Yiao Chen, University of North Alabama
Peg Faimon, Indiana University

Jan 12, 2022 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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