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TLJ 2.0 Webinar Series: Learning WS (2) Uncertainty in offering and accepting an organ – sharing a decision
Description and Rationale:
Dealing with the uncertainty associated with transplantation has recently been identified as a key priority for those awaiting a transplant, those who have received a transplant and for transplant professionals. The aim of this webinar is to twofold: on the one hand, we wish to get insight into the uncertainty of a transplant professional when offering a post mortem donor organ to his/her patient on the waiting list; on the other hand, we wish to get insight into the uncertainty of the transplant patient in accepting the organ offer. From both perspectives the organ donor is unknown, which causes all kinds of uncertainty. Together, the transplant professional and the patient need to make the right decision.

Learning objectives:
· To understand the recipient’s concerns and uncertainty when deciding whether to accept an organ or not (“Was the donor healthy enough to be sure that there are no risks for me after transplantation? Did the donor have a healthy lifestyle?”).

· To understand the transplant professional’s concerns and uncertainty when accepting an organ offer (“Can I be sure that this organ carries no risks of infectious disease or neoplasia transmission after transplantation for my patient? Is this the best offer my patient can get?”).

· To learn from the uncertainty of both patients and transplant professionals and to explore possible pathways to shared decision-making.

Target audience:
Physicians, transplant donor coordinators, nurses, allied healthcare professionals, professionals focusing on the ethical, legal and psychosocial aspects of organ transplantation, representatives of patient organizations, individual patients and their significant others.

Nov 5, 2020 06:00 PM in Rome

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