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Introduction of the Fuel Cell Systems Certification
This certification is the result of five years of preparation through the NSF project grant – Northwest Engineering and Vehicle Technology Exchange (NEVTEX) Due # 1700708.

Fuel Cell power systems designed for use in ground vehicles completely change the landscape of vehicle diagnostics, service, and maintenance. Although Fuel Cell vehicles contain all aspects of the topics covered in Sessions #1 - #4, there are significant differences in how power is converted and transferred to create electric power for propulsion and accessory power. Fuel Cell powered vehicles utilize stored hydrogen and pressurized atmospheric air to create electrical power. Fuel Cell powered vehicles contain a high voltage battery pack system, high pressure hydrogen storage, and a fuel cell stack, and supporting systems to generate electrical power for an electric propulsion system. A high degree of competence is necessary to ensure safe diagnostics, service, and maintenance of Fuel Cell systems. The SAE Fuel Cell Certification contains all of the elements necessary to ensure those that acquire the certification are competent and confident in interfacing with both high voltage electrical and high-pressure hydrogen systems.

     *   High Pressure hydrogen safety PPE

     *   High Pressure hydrogen vehicle safety systems

     *   Hydrogen Storage Systems

     *   Hydrogen Storage Control Systems

     *   Fuel Cell Stack and Sub-Systems

     *   Fuel Cell Voltage Boost System

     *   Anode (Hydrogen Fuel Injection) System and Controls

     *   Cathode (Air Compressor) System and Controls

     *   Cooling System

     *   Specialized Fuel Cell Service Tools

     *   Special Building/Structure Requirements to Service Fuel Cell Vehicles

May 28, 2021 01:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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