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Bookkeeping on Steroids - Using OneNote to Summarize and Share Knowledge With your Team
If you’ve been a bookkeeper for a while now, you know what you are doing. But as your practice grows, you may need to take on new staff. This creates a challenge for firm leaders who have not taken the time to document everything carefully. What ends up happening is that you tend to do the more challenging work yourself, and potentially under-utilize the smart employee(s) you have hired.

Utilizing OneNote as a bookkeeping process and workspace creates a system that holds your firm knowledge. This allows you to stop relying on people and start relying on a replicable set of instructions (with notes and “watch-outs”) so that work is done correctly no matter who does it in your firm.

Come and see how to create a single source of truth for your staff, and create Workpapers using MS OneNote, that contain everything needed to get the work done, and for you to review it. Baked-in instructions allow new staff to step in and complete any task. Hyperlinks connect every location in the process to save time and training.

Once you move to this system you will be able to relax knowing that quality work is being done accurately and to your high standards by the staff you have hired. This allows you to spend more time working ON your business, instead of having to do everything yourself.

This process is also suitable for solo bookkeeper firm owners as well, because it aggregates and organizes the work for productivity instead of wasted time searching and opening and closing folders.

Learning Objectives:
1). Learn a new process to organize and streamline the bookkeeping work, so that speed and accuracy are enhanced
2). Understand how using OneNote to capture specific client instructions and firm procedures can lead to increased efficiency and accuracy
3). Discover an easy way to push work down to more junior (or new) staff, so that the firm owner doesn't have to do it all themselves.


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