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October Seminar: What it takes for working couples to thrive
Jennifer Petriglieri is an Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD, and the author of Couples That Work, a book about how working couples can thrive in their careers and their relationship.

In more than 70% of European couples both partners work. But while working couples are the norm, they face a set of unique challenges that can be difficult to navigate. How do they decide whose job to relocate for, when it’s OK for one partner to make a risky career change, or who will leave work early to pick up a sick child from school? How can they give family commitments—and each other—their full attention while both of them are working in demanding roles? And when one of them wants to undertake a professional reinvention, what does that mean for the other?

In this talk, Jennifer Petriglieri, author of Couples That Work and Professor of organisational behaviour at INSEAD, will share insights from her research on what it takes for working couples to thrive. If you want to learn the secret of making two careers and a relationship work over a life-time, this session is for you. Enough with the old idea that your relationship is a refuge at best, and a burden at worst, for your career. Jennifer will share how working couples can move beyond trade-offs and set up a work and love life that makes both partners thrive.

Oct 12, 2020 06:00 PM in Madrid

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