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SkyGeo & Geomotion Webinar > Lessons Learned in the Mining Industry
SkyGeo and Geomotion have teamed up to present this webinar on lessons learned in the mining sector. The primary theme is that geotechnical risk assessment is at the heart of safety and operations for mining and tailings sites. The availability of contextualized wide-area data allows professional geoscientists and engineers to obtain geotechnical insights. These data help them map and understand the historical evolution and ongoing displacement dynamics on their sites, optimize processes and unlock hidden operational efficiencies.

Attendee Take-A-Ways
• Identify previously unknown patterns of geotechnical instability
• Market shift to early warnings of geotechnical risk
• Lessons learned on monitoring resource spend
• Site wide monitoring strategies; Pit Slope, TSF, Dumps & Sinkholes etc.
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