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Online launch at the Royal Geographical Society: “Travellers in the Great Steppe: From the Papal Envoys to the Russian Revolution”, a book by Nick Fielding
The Embassy of Kazakhstan in the United Kingdom Invites you to the online launch of a book titled

“Travellers in the Great Steppe: From the Papal Envoys to the Russian Revolution” by Nick Fielding

to be broadcasted live from the Royal Geographical Society

Nick Fielding’s new book, ‘Travellers in the Great Steppe: From the Papal Envoys to the Russian Revolution’, is the first to examine in detail the history of travel and exploration of this hugely important region.

Stretching from the Volga and the Caspian Sea in the West to the Altai Mountains and the Tian Shan Mountains in the East and South, the steppelands at the heart of Eurasia have been witness to great events and movements of peoples and ideas.

Until now, few of the stories of the pioneering explorers and travellers who wrote about this vast area have been available to English-speaking readers. Here you will find the stories of the early British traders such as Anthony Jenkinson and Jonas Hanway who tried to divert the Silk Road to the north, those who made the earliest encounters with the tribal confederations of the steppe, those scientists who travelled to solve the mystery of the great expanses of water in Central Asia and those like Thomas Atkinson who travelled simply in order to paint.

Here too you will read about remarkable women travellers such as Adele Hommaire de Hell, Lucy Atkinson and Marie de Ujfalvy-Bourdon who proved that exploration was not solely a pastime for men.

Businessmen – from butter merchants to copper miners – and aid workers also made their mark.

Profusely illustrated, this book provides the history and background to the exploration of a region that plays an increasingly important role in the politics and economics of the world.

Sep 23, 2020 02:30 PM in London

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