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Preparing for a XaaS Global Push


Nov 12, 2020 11:59 AM

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Andrew Dailey
Managing Director @MGI Research
Mr. Dailey brings 25+ years of experience as an industry analyst, operating executive, investment banker, and advisor/board member. He spent nearly 10 years at Gartner, where he co-founded its Software Asset Management service, and worked on the team that coined the term “ERP – enterprise resource planning”. Mr. Dailey led marketing at Baan Company, one of the largest global ERP vendors at the time. At MGI Research he leads the agile billing and monetization practice and is a frequent industry speaker.
David Rubenstein, CPA
Senior Telecommunications Tax Specialist @CCH Wolters Kluwer
David has decades of experience in the indirect tax space with a specialization in communications tax. David is up to date with the latest strategies to minimize your customers’ cost of communications taxes, fees and surcharges, so that you remain competitive in the marketplace, while at the same time compliant.
Petr Pechar
Senior Consultant Global Content Assets @CCH Wolters Kluwer
Petr is a tax lawyer and consultant practicing in the field of international taxation. He has collaborated with Wolters Kluwer for the past 9+ years on matters concerning indirect tax/VAT in the European Union and beyond. Petr has a Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Malta and is currently based in Prague, the Czech Republic.