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GENCFO Deep Dive - Growth Companies & the Digitisation of the Finance function
A CFO masterclass with GENCFO, dotdigital and Soldo in how businesses prepare for growth and scale with digitized processes, tools and people. This is the Dotdigital jouney so far.

In this conversation, we'll be joined by Paraag Amin, CFO at dotdigital Group plc. He has significant public market experience, having held senior roles at a number of investment banks within equity asset management, research and specialist sales, totalling 15 years, as well as previously founding his own business in the digital marketing space.

We'll be exploring how growth businesses look at value vs operational costs and spending and examining usage of online/ cloud + smart card expense solutions and look at upward trend for digital solutions serving the finance function.

Join us for what promises to be an insightful and educational session.


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