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Scientific Symposium: n-of-1 treatments and trials in neurology
This Scientific Symposium is organised by the ERN-RND Network, as part of their Annual Meeting 2022.


14:30 CET - n-of-1 trials in neurology - presented by Bas Stunnenberg
15:00 CET - n-of-1 trials and treatments, study design - presented by Franz König and Martin Posch
15:30 CET - n-of-1 regulatory issues in Europe - presented by Martina Cornel
16:30 CET - n-of-1 drug repurposing - presented by Holger Lerche
17:00 CET - Mutation specific development of ASO for RND - presented by Willeke van Roon-Mom and Rebecca Schüle
17:30 CET - Outcome development for n-of-1 trials and treatments - presented by Matthis Synofzik
18:00 CET - 1 Mutation 1 Medicine - presented by Holm Graessner
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