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LeadDev Bookmarked: Talking with Tech Leads - Patrick Kua
Welcome to June edition of LeadDev Bookmarked, the monthly book club for engineering leaders. This month's book is 'Talking with Tech Leads' by Patrick Kua (Seasoned Tech Leader).

The live session will be a 30-minute interview and discussion led by Suzan Bond (Executive Coach and Former COO, TravisCI) on the people, tech, business and personal development challenges of Tech Leads and how to overcome them.

Join the conversation in the LeadDev Slack workspace – we'll take a few questions live followed by a Q&A in Slack. Find out more: TheLeadDeveloper.com/bookmarked.

About the book
Talking with Tech Leads is a book for Tech Leads, from Tech Leads. Discover how more than 35 Tech Leads find the delicate balance between the technical and non-technical worlds. Discover the challenges a Tech Lead faces and how to overcome them. You may be surprised by the lessons they have to share.

Jun 2, 2020 05:00 PM in London

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Patrick Kua
Patrick is a seasoned technology leader with almost 20 years of experience. His personal passion is accelerating the growth and success of tech organisations and technical leaders. He has had many years of hands-on experience, leading, managing and improving complex organisations and software systems as the CTO and Chief Scientist of N26 (Berlin, Germany) and as a Technical Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks.
Suzan Bond
Suzan is an executive coach and organizational strategist. A former COO for Travis CI, she coaches technology leaders.