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Recrutment Platforms for Health Workforce Staffing Professionals in 2020
WotkAccord's Tuesday TalkAbout's Autumn 2020 series will be focusing on topics for Health Workforce Staffing Professionals.

Over the past couple of months we've all been affected by social isolation and lockdown. We've been learning new ways of working and new methods of getting things done. There have been sign that it's been coming for a while with Health Service tenders calling for submisisons on platforms, networks, and technologies to facilitate the process of assembling and managing a Health Workforce.

So, our first Tuesday TalkAbout in our 2020 Autumn series will kick off with an "under the hood" look at Recruitment Platforms for Health WorkForce Staffing Professionals. What are they? Where do they fit in the classification of recruitment & staffing services? What are some of the opportunities and risks associated with their use?

I hope you'll join us via ZOOM at 8:30 am AEST on Tuesday 21 April 2020 as we commence our 7 week discussion of Health Workforce topics.

And for those who are unable to make it, don't worry. The webinar will be recorded and made available free and on demand for up to two weeks following the presentation.

Let's talk again soon.
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