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Future of Digital Adoption Platform
The term "digital adoption" refers to a state in which people can increase digital tools as designed and their full potential. When consumers attain digital adoption, they learn how to use a piece of software and leverage its advanced features to develop new and inventive ideas and processes. Successful organizations realize that a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) can be the answer to boosting training effectiveness and employee productivity.

Gartner predicts that, “by 2025, 70% of organizations will use digital adoption solutions across the entire technology stack to overcome still insufficient application user experiences.”

As companies add more software, they’re struggling to train and equip users. Software purchases alone don’t make employees productive - effective onboarding and Digital Adoption do. If an application is not leveraged properly then your investment in a new application will go in vain. This is why Group Futurista would like to present to you the “Future of Digital Adoption Platform” summit with a selection of exemplary industry-leading speakers coming to speak on important topics and also gather around for a heated panel discussion regarding all the latest trends which have come into play.


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