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A Ceramics Forecast: Serving Solutions for Generations
Join Tile of Spain Technical Consultant, Ryan Fasan, as he explores the prevailing trends that define the latest range of ceramic solutions from Spanish manufacturers. Fasan will discuss how the aesthetic, technical and economic advantages of tiles from Spain impact interior and exterior spaces moving forward. He will examine ceramics' most significant assets, its durability and life-cycle as a building material, illustrating how these factors positively impact projects for generations to come.

Course is IDCEC/AIA accredited.
1.5 credits/ HSW/LU.

Learning Objectives:

1. Discover the prevailing trends in the Ceramic Tile industry, how they relate to emerging societal & cultural trends and the long-view ceramics take due to their useful lifespan of 75+ years.

2. Review the past 2 decades of consumer preferences influencing design and architecture to discover the one material that answers everything clients are prioritizing.

3. Understand the true cost (monetary, temporal & environmental), by illustrating hidden externalities, of more disposable finish-materials to present your clients with better cost vs value analysis arguments for tile.

4. Discover emerging technology in ceramics allowing for proactive cleaning, health & safety and smart-building integrations.

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