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How To: Combine Mobile Technology & Direct Mail for Holiday Success
According to Merkle, Inc., direct mail campaigns that used 1 or more digital channels experienced an enormous lift in response rates of 118%.

An easy way for you to get double duty out of your direct mail envelope is providing a direct link to your mobile site. What’s even better? The USPS offers a Mobile Shopping Incentive where For Profit and Non-Profit mailers can gain a 2% discount on postage for using Mobile Print Technology.

We’ll provide an overview of the USPS Mobile Shopping Promotion and how Melissa can help you get your mailing lists ready for the holiday and giving season while qualifying for USPS discounts.

What we will cover:
• What is the USPS 2020 Mobile Shopping incentive?
• How does Melissa make it easy to qualify for postal discounts?
• Benefits of using the right mailing solutions for your needs
• What makes identifying & targeting your best prospects best practice?


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