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career exploration and training in VR
Career centers, workforce development organizations and employers have been using virtual reality immersive technology to share career exploration and workforce training experiences to students and prospective employees.

We have created immersive 360 video experiences to show what a job really looks like in virtual reality (VR) before starting a career pathways.

The VR videos are interactive. Users can look around and click on objects in the video to see additional information about each aspect of the career. These include info videos, instructor videos, photos, audio and text. These are known as Hotspots and make the experience even more engaging.

Join us to learn how career centers, workforce development groups, trainers, and employers are using VR to promote careers and efficient training.

If you cannot attend, register anyway and I will send you the recording.

When and Where:
1:30 p.m. EST, Wednesday, March 16, 2022
25 Minutes
Zoom Link (sent after registration)

Highlights of the Webinar:
• Learn the research on VR/AR learning in training and career exploration
• View samples of the career videos and training experiences
• Register for free full access to experience all modules.

Who Should Join:
Principals (HS and MS)
Guidance Counselors
HR Training Reps
Corporate Trainers
Workforce Development Reps
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