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Nutrisearch hosts "Autism and Related Disorders of Disrupted Childhood Brain Development -What Causes it, How to Treat" Dr Goodenowe
Nutrisearch hosts Dr Goodenowe as he tackles this interesting topic- one that we see more and more each day.
Key Learnings:
• Learn about the essential role of myelination for normal brain development and what conditions disrupt myelination and delay/disrupt child development.
• Understand how an underlying mitochondrial insufficiency combined with an environmental neuroinflammatory exposure creates an autoimmune-like neurological state in autism.
• How this persistent, non-resolving inflammation state in autism disrupts myelination and affects development.
• How myelination can be restored indirectly via mitochondrial support supplementation and directly via myelin membrane precursors.
• How restoring mitochondrial and myelination improves clinical outcomes in autism (often very dramatically)
- One not to be missed!

Mar 24, 2023 12:00 PM in Auckland, Wellington

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