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The Star Codes of Emmanuel
Dear Ones,

This is an enormous body of wisdom and experience, which inaugurates a series of wisdom fount presentations. The following will be the initial pallet from which to draw:

The Star Gate repositories of: - Constellations, - Stars, like Aldebaran, Sirius, Orion
The planets, as you have never seen them detailed
Planetary Akashas
The deep Star Code macro landscaped onto the topology of Earth
The secret Legacy of the Star Adam portals
Tuning to the planets, Constellations, as Akasha Repositories, in a graphic interface for the Psychic Organism
The Detailed Solar Tribunal
Akashic Repositories of the Moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune
Earth’s landscape coded to the living star code, interacting with the reality computer
Going online with the exact Solar System sacred geometry design.
The Venus and Mercury Portals,
The Saturn Oversoul, and Saturn Tribunal
The Solar System Architects
The Astrology of Akasha
Astrogenetics, genetic modulations of the Sun.

See you there!

In Divine Love
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